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Guiltless Wine-Os

Wine has been part of human culture over the last 6,000 years. With wine, people have found a pleasure for the palate, an aid for living, but also, an element with properties that benefit human health. Today, numerous studies have served to corroborate some of those properties released for thousands of years.

Wine is well known as heart-healthy, but several other studies have shown a list of other benefits. Drink wine daily could help to preserve memory, it might facilitate to lose weight, boost immunity, or help to prevent bone loss, among others.

But why is it wine and not another kind of alcohol? Well, the polyphenols found in wine are the ones that help to reduce over 30% of arteriosclerosis and prevent 96% of appearance of low-density cholesterol in the blood. Studies claim that drinking three small glasses of wine per day in men’s case and women two.

For some cultures drinking that amount of wine it could be unusual. However, for countries like Italy, Spain, Greece or France, basically Mediterranean regions that share similar cultural habits, drinking that amount of wine per day is something normal and regular. Actually, the first level of the food guide pyramid of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid recommends drinking that amount of wine every day.



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