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There Is Such A Thing As A Beer Belly

Any alcoholic drink can add to the size of your stomach for one very simple reason: Alcohol is dense in calories. Every gram of alcohol contains the same amount of calories as a gram of butter – seven which almost twice as many as a gram of most other carbohydrates or protein. Like other calorie-packed foods. It promotes weight gain.
But there’s also evidence that beer, more than other kinds of alcohol, may cause more fat to settle on your belly. Research at the University of North Carolina at Chap I Hill found that among those who had more than six drinks a week, beer drinkers had the highest waist-to-hip-ratio followed by those who who opted for liquor. Wine drinkers had the slimmest waistlines.



Artisan and Microbrews

Tired of going to parties and functions and being handed a budweiser or coors light? If so we share the same sentiment towards “corporate” beers. Luckily for all of us there’s a whole world of full-bodied beers and microbrews.
Most folks don’t know where to begin when exploring the world of microbrews ~ and this is completely understandable as the beer aisle in any market can be a daunting task to search through. So let’s start with introducing the more widely enjoyed species of beers each brewed through a different process and using different ingredients.
IPA’s (my personal favorite)
Stands for India Pale Ale – these beers tend to be very much on the bitter side however due to their traditional dry-hopping process and their overall usage of extreme amounts of hops tend to create a higher alcohol content beer (6.5-18% ABV).  IPA’s yield a very full bodied flavor hinting piney, floral, and hoppy characteristics.
These beers are often times more on the expensive side but are extremely flavorful and full-bodied.  They consist of a plummy, oaky, and roasted flavor providing for an often times sweet tasting beer in comparison to IPA’s.
Hefeweizen’s (Weissbier)
Hefe’s are enjoyed by everyone but ladies especially seem to be very fond of them. This might have to do with the ingredients used in their brewing process. A traditional hefeweizen is brewed with banana cloves and vanilla extracts which provides for an extremely palatable flavor and enjoyable finish.  Usually on the sweet, Hefe’s tend to be lower in ABV % however, I have seen some hefeweizen’s with 8% ABV.
The next time you find yourself in the beer aisle at the supermarket or perhaps a Bevmo, take the extra time to look at the different types of beers. Not only are you in for a treat with the unique flavors of these various brews but also “hoppier” and more artisan beers can promote better health (only if consumed in extreme moderation). You don’t have to stick to drinking budweiser, coors, and miller as the world of microbrews is endless and as mentioned, healthier too! Until next time…cheers!


All those times when you thought beer is just unhealthy and will give you that beer belly you’ve always feared, but little did you know, it provides several health benefits.  Research has discovered that beer has bioactive compounds that can help you battle cancer, boost metabolism, prevent clots, clean arteries and many more. Although, don’t get your hopes up, this is only for moderate alcohol consumption.  So explore the world of brews and find your favorite! Cheers.